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Serving the Nature Realm of Air

Air Sylph dance, Michaelmas Retreat 2004

Next in development, size and power in the air realm are the sylphs, older and wiser than the zephyrs. Resembling humans in stature and becoming 3' to 5' in height, sylphs appear, to those fortunate enough to see them, to be swimming in the atmosphere. The etheric bodies they inhabit last at least 500 earth years. Although not yet Angels, sylphs are far more intuitive than even the most developed spiritual seekers among humans. They are receptive to their supervisors and give them their wholehearted obedience.

Video: Dance of the Air Sylphs

Similar but more powerful than the duties of the zephyrs, sylphs work with hundreds of rays, mostly of solar origin, that come into earth's atmosphere. Although unable to prevent accumulated radiations of beams of cosmic and solar forces, they can create spacious energy canopies big enough to act as screens fashioned from their own etheric substances. Depending on the needs of a tree, a hillside, a mountain or a community, sylphs work, either individually or in a group, to build beautiful screens to benefit each region and its purpose. If we become concerned about the ozone layer above the earth, we can ask the sylphs to prepare protective screens to help.

A painting of one of these sylphs by AE Russell

Flower talks about AE Russell’s experience with his sylph friends

AE tells of going out to the rocks near his cottage at night to await the reception and forgiveness of his sylph friends that he knew would surely come.

How wonderful that he was able to realize that no matter how far we have gone and how lowered our everyday, average state of consciousness has been, whenever we turn back to the Eternal, with open arms, it is waiting to receive us if we will but clear ourselves and pay full attention to it, as George Russell did.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Silence and What It Is