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Serving the Nature Realm of Air

Builders Busy at Work, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Although air and the precious oxygen we breathe is vital to humans, it is invisible so we are not as aware of it as we are of the elements of earth, water and fire. It is with the movement of the winds that can be gentle or wild that we most realize air's effect on us. We learn from Flower through her clairvoyance that as we become more aware of the air beings and learn to relate to them, we may be able to help influence the forces that shape the weather, especially its extremes.

The smallest air beings, in both size and development, are called builders, often referred to in inner plane schools as the Wee Ones. They move among flowers, plants and vegetable life helping in the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen. Male and female builders live approximately ten years of earth time and experience repeated lives in rapid succession with each life more lovely in color and form. After sixty or more lifetimes, they advance to the next stage of development.

Flower would stop her work at her desk to go to the glass doors of her study to observe them gaily gliding in and above her flower garden. She found this "fairy watching" relaxing and refreshing and it filled her with joy.

Almost resolutely, I daily confine myself to labors at my desk, while outside, little builders are gaily gliding in and about our flower garden. When necessary, however, I steal to the glass doors of our study for a sight of those fairy beings, and the joy that wells up from within as I watch these tiny servers is both relaxing and refreshing.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Reverend Phyllis Isaac, Insights Into Reality

These tiny beings are governed by instinct and have little understanding of what they are doing or why, but they are joy-filled to be participating in an activity that serves as the respiratory system of the nature kingdom. Children's books featuring fairies often have their origin in the work of these minute elementals although in reality they are much smaller than portrayed in books.

It is helpful to remember that air is the medium through which sound travels, so beings of the air realm are keenly aware of the quality of sounds both generated and transmitted. These tiny air elementals have a great dislike of noise, soot, smoke and pollution—things that damage the earth. They tend to be temperamental and don't want humans destroying their atmosphere. They prefer harmony, beauty and reverence so most humans do not meet their standards with our loud noises, profanity and endless chatter. When we learn to regard air as sacred and strive to use our voices constructively and avoid negativity, air beings will draw closer and may give us some small gift for our efforts.

A Flower Blessing, © Jonathan Wiltshire

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