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Serving the Nature Realm of Air

The Wind Angel Murmlo, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Equal in rank to the Cilarae are the Murmlo, the group that serves in our country's coastal areas and influences the coming of storms or welcomed changes in weather. The Murmlo have a very different kind of service from the Cilarae. These are the beings who appeal to us because we need what they offer, cooler weather or winds of a gentle kind. They are always watchful of the requirements of earth and sometimes labor for what would be several days of earth time to bring about desired changes in weather. Like the sylphs, if a needed storm does not come naturally, they create gigantic energy structures in the etheric plane, resembling our clouds, to change conditions in order to introduce a storm. Flower tells us we are always within observation of these Angels and when we want to bring a change in the weather, such as more rain for Southern California, we can pray in the name, and the way of the Christ, for the Murmlo to activate rain clouds.

One night during the last war, I was awakened by this strong gust of wind. I had never before seen a Murmlo, but in this large room, the Being I saw was so great that the head filled the space between the ceiling and the floor, with its hair streaming outside. A great look of surprise was on her face, and on my own too! The smell of ozone was so strong after that I had to go downstairs to get away from it because it seemed to burn my nostrils for a while.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Mountain Pilgrimage (Idyllwild)

Flower reminds us that the havoc of climate changes on earth including hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, are not created by the Angels but by the negative thoughts and feelings of human beings and their capacity for violence. When a catastrophe occurs, These Angels help cleanse the area of accumulated negative energies so the whole planet will not suffer destruction.