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The Christward Ministry at Questhaven

Welcome to Questhaven!

The practice of Christian Mysticism here at Questhaven is one of experience. The Quest calls to an individual through a growing desire to seek and live each moment more dedicatedly to God. The Haven is a spiritual sanctuary that provides a safe place of peace, reverence and love for that to take place. The experience comes as sincere individuals practice the art of mystical Christianity which seeks a greater union with God through worship, study and renewal.

Choosing the path of Christian Mysticism
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Let Us Have a Rule for Our Lives

Inspiration Point

Our Understanding

While we are Christ centered in our approach, we believe there are many paths to God. We look to our Lord Christ as a Living Presence today behind the scenes stimulating all life in the way of return to God. He is in charge of the Christ Office that pours out His love to all faiths and all life in this world encouraging goodness and goodwill from one to another. Humanity becomes part of this dispensation of the Christ Spirit with every good thought and deed that we do—thereby continuing to expand and awaken the Christ consciousness in all.

Christ has two great interests in our perspective:

Humanity's rediscovery of Spiritual Reality, and their conscious return to the Kingdom of God from which they had originally emerged.

Therefore, we seek to know and experience God and, in that knowing, live higher in thought, feeling and conduct. We seek to live truer, live more nobly because God is and we are a part of God's creation.

The Essence of Religion Is to Live the Life and Follow the Way

Oak Grove

Our Importance

Questhaven, nestled among trees and rolling hillsides, provides a sacred space for seekers of all faiths to draw closer to God in this way. The land was once described as God drenched acres. Hundreds of retreatants journey here every year to still themselves from the busyness of their outer lives in order to receive gleanings from the Eternal Presence of God. How important this part of our function is as the world turmoil increases and places of peaceful stillness become harder to find.

Our founders, the Reverends Flower and Lawrence Newhouse, saw that archetype for these grounds from the very beginning:

Questhaven Retreat is dedicated to serving one's vital need to prayerfully repledge themselves. Here, in the quiet haven of peaceful hills, individuals from all walks of life may come to reconsecrate themselves to God, and find answers to their innermost quest.

To accomplish this, they established The Christward Ministry a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization as the steward and outshining expression of Questhaven. One of its missions is to maintain and preserve these grounds and facilities as a beautiful natural setting for God while making them accessible and affordable for visitors from all over the world. The other mission is to be a training center in the way of Christian mysticism.

Welcome Angel

A Vision for Questhaven in the 21st Century
bioDr. Stephen Isaac

In order to sustain these missions, we rely on the love offerings of individuals around the world who appreciate and support the Light of God that flows through this outpost of consciousness for Christ's love. All gifts received go directly towards sustaining and enhancing this retreat as well as presenting the universal teachings of the Christ in a balanced combination of the metaphysical principles and esoteric revelations which He shared with the world. Above learning, we emphasize living.

If you feel guided to support this, we have a Donations page for your consideration.

We are grateful for all heartfelt gifts that help protect the blessing that Questhaven offers to the world. Flower and Lawrence began this work; may we ever carry it forward for God.

Ever in Christ's Love,

Reverend Blake Isaac