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Summer Solstice Retreat

Celebration of Beauty in the Arts and Nature

Summer Solstice Retreat

An inner change begins the first of May with the inauguration of the Angels of Nature descending as low as the etheric world to take over certain duties. These Angels are the saviors of the physical side of our earth and consciously renew the earth, bringing forth new species of life forms and new aspects that affect our earth both physically and superphysically. At this time the spiritual servers of the Lord Christ withdraw from their closeness to us to receive their refreshment in the higher worlds where they will continue to serve and love us. The Summer Solstice Retreat is a celebration of the changing of orders, and so we honor the Beauty of God through arts and nature on the solstice ushering the change from spring to summer.

We want to see the beauty that God is painting for us constantly to our visible sight and feel with all our inner beings what is behind that outer beauty.
Flower A. Newhouse

Inspiration for Summer Solstice Retreat

Songs of Deliverance
In At-one-ment With Nature, Flower outlines the essentials for an enlightening pilgrimage into the sacred place of Nature.

The Journey Upward
In Finding Enlightenment Through Nature, Flower A. Newhouse describes Nature's inner side and how we can best meet it.

Angels of Nature
Flower A. Newhouse describes those who serve the kingdom of Nature and provides insight into how we can harvest its bounty.

Walking in Beauty
A recorded lecture by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse from Summer Solstice Retreat, 1971.

The Inner Side of Nature
A recorded lecture by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse from Summer Solstice Retreat, 1967.