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The Christward Ministry—Sustained by Faith

Inspiration Point

Everyone who loves Questhaven and contributes to its support knows a deep realization of joy for having a part in making possible a consecrated retreat with a unique Christian mission for the added blessing of the world.

One evidence of spiritual growth is our willingness to accept more responsibility for supporting the Good and to volunteer gladly to assume an ever-expanding share of our Lord's work. Then giving is not merely a token gesture but a sincere reinforcement of that which channels the Light of God into our world. To aid in establishing the beauty of worship in Questhaven's nature retreat is to invest in a living Garden of the Lord that will continue to develop and serve humanity long after our lifetimes.

This ministry is supported by a relatively small group of earnest devotees. The gifts, tithes, hours of service, and prayers of these persons have created a sustaining flow of loyal support that is vital to Questhaven's existence and unfoldment. A remarkable history...

Since the founding of the Christward Ministry and Questhaven Retreat in 1940, we have been sustained wholly on faith, supported solely by love offerings, tithes and guest income.

Every contribution, whether large or small, is invited and deeply appreciated.

All of us who are aware of the great eternal blessings that flow into the world through consecrated centers like Questhaven Retreat know of the need for Light to come through. Let us do our part with tangible evidence of our loving appreciation for God's wondrous gifts to us through Grace. Let us throw our talents and gifts freely into the fountain of our Lord's work, happy in the awareness that out of such giving flow the living waters of life.

Every dollar you spend or give in love helps preserve the nature, heritage and expression of Questhaven Academy and Retreat Center. We have operated in this way as a nonprofit since 1940.

Attune me to the reservoir and its powers of Light, that are in the Great Within, so I can afford to be generous.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Seven Bodies (2 of 5): Understanding the Etheric Body

The Christward Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Monthly Support Levels

Consider choosing a monthly support level. In appreciation for your support, each support level unlocks new content from our archives for you to explore and study. Dozens of books, hundreds of videos and thousands of audio recordings are available to support your spiritual journey. Click a support level below to sign in and learn more.

Soul Supporter
Soul Supporter
$10 per month donation
Full access to Videos

Enjoy watching our newest video releases from our library of Soul Raising Videos, Retreat Presentations and recordings of Sunday Services, Retreats and World Prayers.
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Seeker Supporter
Seeker Supporter
$25 per month donation
Full access to Inspiration

Get inspired by our growing body of spiritual content covering dozens of topics introduced by Flower A. Newhouse on God, Angels, Nature, Meditation, Prayer and the Inner Worlds.
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Quester Supporter
Quester Supporter
$50 per month donation
Full access to Archives

Research our searchable digital archive containing decades of recordings, writings and newsletters by Flower A. Newhouse and others to help deepen your spiritual study and application.
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Fund-Raising Projects

We are currently raising funds for the following renovation projects. Many of our aging facilities are in need of repair and renovation. When you Make a Donation using the button above, we will direct your donation to one of these specific funds or to our General Fund.

Founders Discovery Center Renovation

A renovation of the old Print Shop adjacent to Chapelito is underway! The vision for this space is to be a place where people can come and learn about the history of Questhaven and find their place within it today.

Church of the Holy Quest Renovation

We are in the process of working with our architect for the necessary remodeling of bathrooms and entrance facilities for special events including weddings.

Building Improvements

Ongoing improvements and upkeep of all cottages and guest facilities are taking place to upgrade to modern-day standards.

Energy Independence

Our vision includes harnessing the power of the sun to support all electricity needs at Questhaven.

The Vision of an Open Pool

For the Retreat's financial needs, its founder, the Rev. Flower A. Newhouse, visualized an open pool, with fresh inflow entering and a natural outflow leaving the pool, providing for the maintenance and growth of the Retreat.

Since its founding in 1940, the Retreat has grown to include the Church of the Holy Quest, Friendship House, Academy and Library, Office, Retreat House, guest facilities and several residences. It is still growing, thanks to continuing contributions of those who support this work. All the while, the Retreat remains debt-free—a noteworthy record.

The Spirit of Giving Sustains

This spirit of giving that sustains Questhaven is the unifying, ennobling, and rewarding part of spiritual pioneering that the founders of this work exemplified. It rests solidly on the quality of faith with which they courageously purchased the bulk of the land forming this Retreat in 1940, near the end of the great depression, creating what today is a unique spiritual treasure beyond price. We hope all those who come to these holy grounds will join in the great adventure of advancing the worth of these acres consecrated to the Lord Christ forever. There is no better time than now, as we begin the Third Millennium, nor any more fruitful investment in Christianity and its future.

Ways You Can Help

1. Tithes: One of the most beneficial practices is tithing. Tithing opens the wellsprings of the giver's own inflow. Giving a portion of one's income on a regular basis fulfills the theme of an open pool and activates forces that more than return the portion tithed. Most tithers choose the portion of 10%, but any amount is a good and valued beginning.

2. Gifts and love offerings: Many individuals make special gifts related to their own sense of gratitude or corresponding to their own financial blessings. These are deeply appreciated.

3. Volunteer services: The gifts of time and energy on the part of countless individuals have been invaluable to the maintenance and enhancement of the Retreat's property and activities. The voice and bell choirs and the temple dancers, along with coffee and luncheon servers, and Servers in Action volunteers are prominent examples.

Less visible, but certainly appreciated, are those who regularly care for the Church, the landscaping and watering of the Retreat, along with those who devote time to prayer needs, provide transportation, visit the sick or home-bound, and perform numerous other acts of thoughtful service.

4. Wills and bequests: Over the years, the Ministry has been generously remembered in the wills of a number of benefactors. Such gifts are often the principle means of major improvements. Individuals who wish to provide the Ministry with either form of remembrance can have the services of the Ministry's attorney, if desired.