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Receive a Scroll from the Masters

A Blessing of Wisdom

There is in each of you a heaven you are not touching—a place of monumental powers.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Disciplines of the Holy Quest

Master Scrolls

The scrolls in this sacred space contain words from the Masters shared through Flower to the group. This is your time to intuitively receive a blessing and instruction from Them.

Picture yourself entering Chapelito and quietly taking a seat. Let the music bring your spirit to attention. Feel the presence of God, our Lord Christ and the great Hierarchy of Perfected Souls serving the Divine Plan. See all your atoms turning upwards to greet Them. Say a short prayer to God offering gratitude for this wonderful Cloud of Silent Witnesses before the Throne.

Say to yourself: Let my Soul open the gateway to your Realities. That I might commune during this time from my Highest and receive your wishes openly.

Ask to be guided to the message for you at this moment in time.

Then click the chair with the basket to receive your scroll.