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Flower A. Newhouse, 1946

Here you'll find our most recent audio podcasts along with selected book titles, recorded lectures, and guided meditations by Questhaven Retreat's founder, Rev. Flower A. Newhouse. Flower was one of America's most outstanding Christian Mystics from the twentieth century, whose insights into the inner realms awaken us to the greatness of our Lord and to the reality of Angels, and provide us a practical guide for direct, immediate experience of God. Books by other authors, including past Director of Questhaven, Dr. Stephen Isaac, are also available.

Flower Newhouse's book and the relationship it inspired with a wise woman going through menopause were major influences in my life. They enabled me to see through the illusion of the enormous mind-body split that's embedded in us, starting almost before birth. Today, my job is to put those two things back together. My background on the farm, with all the earthiness and common sense that imparts, combined with my study of the realm beyond our senses, starting with Natives of Eternity, has made me what you might call a practical mystic, well suited for the work I have chosen to do.
Dr. Christiane Northrup

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