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The Founders of Questhaven

Reverends Flower and Lawrence Newhouse

Flower A. Newhouse is a well-known twentieth-century Christian mystic. She wrote and lectured extensively to reawaken humanity to the reality of the Living Christ, the Inner Worlds and the Angel Kingdom. Her exceptional synthesis of inner perception and Christ-centered character was consecrated to the rediscovery of esoteric truth and the training of students in the way of Christian discipleship.

Flower Newhouse was one of the best authorities on Angels and a most excellent channel.
Edgar Cayce (1152-11)

Flower A. Newhouse
The life and writings of Flower A. Newhouse are those of a Christian mystic, and her insights into the inner realms of life provide us with a path to...
Lawrence G. Newhouse
Lawrence George Newhouse, the co-founder of Questhaven Retreat and The Christward Ministry, was born July 18, 1910, in Franklin Park, Illinois. When...
The Founding of Questhaven
Inspired by a Divine calling to establish an archetypal Aquarian Age retreat devoted to Christian mysticism, Flower and Lawrence Newhouse were led to...
Their Legacy
As Flower and Lawrence steadfastly and lovingly devoted themselves to developing the grounds of Questhaven, their focus was always centered on their...