The Christward Ministry at Questhaven Retreat

A Training and Retreat Center Devoted to Christian Mysticism

Questhaven is a non-denominational Christian retreat nestled among chaparral-covered hills in northern San Diego County. Founded in 1940 by the Reverends Flower and Lawrence Newhouse, it encompasses 655 acres of pristine wilderness with hiking trails inviting the worship and experience of God in a beautiful nature setting. Wandering through these oak-lined canyons and shaded woodland sanctuaries, seekers are led to release the stress from their outer lives and experience the centered stillness and quiet necessary for awakening to the Living Presence of God.

Flower taught that the Lord Christ offers us the greatest pattern to our own unfolding—to the full awakening of God within. Thus, every inch of this holy ground is consecrated to the Lord Christ forever and His call for the spiritualizing of all life.

Questhaven Retreat is home to the Christward Ministry—an Esoteric Christian Training Center for students who seek a deeper study into the universal way of the Living Christ.

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A time arrives in the life of every true seeker when it is not enough to simply believe in God. The greatest need is to know God.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

The practice of Christian Mysticism here at Questhaven is one of experience as we seek a greater union with God through worship, study and renewal...
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