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The Founding of Questhaven

Dedicated to the Lord Christ forever

Questhaven Retreat, 1940's

Inspired by a Divine calling to establish an archetypal Aquarian Age retreat devoted to Christian mysticism, Flower and Lawrence Newhouse were led to this secluded valley of 440 acres in the hills of Northern San Diego County.

At the dedication service in the Oak Grove Sanctuary on August 4, 1940, Flower pronounced these words of consecration:

And now in the awareness of what we do, we reverently bequeath Quest Haven to the Christ, forever.

Flower was thirty-one and, along with her husband Lawrence, was embarking upon the great mission and adventure of their lives. They became pioneers, both physically and spiritually, as they reverently and selflessly set out to establish all that we see here today.

With only a stone house and a windmill for water, no electricity or phone, they joyously began planting and hand-watering trees—all the while envisioning what buildings and gardens the future would hold. The early services were held out-of-doors in the oak grove.

Behind them were many years of lecturing and publishing. She was the writer, speaker, and teacher; he the printer, coordinator, and faithful companion. There would be further lecture tours but now there was a spiritual home—a place of peace and uplift for others to gather around them and worship together—even for generations to come.

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