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We have some recommendations for you. These are favorites of the last three months. Enjoy!

VideoVideo PodcastOur Christ Regent
Published: December 13, 2021; Insights by: Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
Music: The First Noel by Jonas West Music
Art: The Christ by Arthur Learned

Lecture: Lord Christ to Thee Our Hearts Are Open

We want to study as deeply as possible every day of our lives as to the power, and the glory, and the wisdom of our Lord Christ. It is said by the Holy Ones who know, that every planet throughout the cosmos that has life on it, has a Christ Regent in charge of the spiritualizing of its humanity. Certainly this is true of our own planet.

VideoVideo PodcastThe Dweller on the Threshold
Published: October 25, 2021; Insights by: Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
Music: On this Meditation by Latex Music
Lecture: Insights the Soul Reveals to the Personality Self

There is one that opposes our coming to dedication, which simply means a commitment to spiritual truth. The one who opposes our commitment and who fights us all the way until at long last the personality self voluntarily surrenders is called the Dweller on the Threshold. It is the enemy of the Soul.

VideoVideo PodcastThe Great Story
Published: October 11, 2021; Insights by: Dr. Stephen Isaac
Music: Slow Emotional Strings by Orchestral, Emotional by Aurus Audio
Art: King Arthur by N.C. Wyeth, King Arthur by Charles Ernest Butler, David and Goliath by Gebhard Fugel, Krishna Tells Gita to Arjuna by MahaMuni, Combat de Chevaliers, Eugeene Delacroix

Lecture: The Left Hand of Discipleship

In every great myth and legend, there is the element of a magnificent cause to be served, a hero who comes forth to serve that cause, and then a supreme test leading to a archetypal confrontation between darkness and light. And out of that confrontation is forged courage, self sacrifice, and all the other attributes of character that make for our Christian consciousness and strengthening.

VideoVideo PodcastIn Gratitude of Masters
Published: August 16, 2021; Insights by: Reverend Lawrence G. Newhouse
Music: Emotional Inspiring by bdProductions
Art: Masters G and K by Arthur Learned

Lecture: The Hierarchy of Masters

I too feel that great overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opening of the doorway to the higher kingdoms. I think that the instruction itself is a great indication of the love of God for us, and the fact the instructions ceased to come with rapidity is another indication of His love. Because in His great understanding of human hearts, He knew that we couldn't stand to have any more and fail to live up to, more than we were.

VideoVideo PodcastFinding Living Waters
Published: March 15, 2021; Insights by: Dr. Stephen Isaac
Music: Beautiful Inspiration by bdProductions
Art: The Samaritan at the Well by Nicolas Poussin, Christ by Heinrich Hoffman

Lecture: The Wellsprings of Dedication

Dedication that is genuine is like a wellspring. It is the source of our life-giving renewal. It forms the center of our well-being.