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From Pride to Gratitude

Released November 27, 2023; Insights by Dr. Stephen Isaac, The World's Oldest Troublemaker is the Ego
Music: Emotionally by Alex Bird

The second exercise is go to work on the first rules that precipitate and bolster the ego such things as praise, criticism, success again as the world sees it. Our own response is usually a kind of thrill: the ego always feels thrilled when something good happens, and that's inflation. That's the danger signal.


The Golden Lining

Released November 20, 2023; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Thanksgiving the Giver of Spiritual Joy
Music: Emotionally by Alexbird

I have told you that after the death of my husband, when I went to our cabin in the mountains following his memorial service, I saw a beautiful plaque in my living room there that said, ''In Everything Give Thanks.'' And I don't know how long I stood there facing that, because I knew it was a challenge, and I couldn't feel gratitude in my heart at that moment for Lawrence's passing.


The Purification of Consciousness

Released November 13, 2023; Insights by Dr. Stephen Isaac, Purification of Consciousness: the Gate to Rebirth
Music: Emotional and Inspiring Piano by Morning Light Music

As an athlete strives for strength, as a student for knowledge, an ambitious person for success, a saint strives for purity. And because saints are wayshowers, we strive after them. We then will, if not now, come to the time that we will aspire for purification.


Give Ourselves

Released November 6, 2023; Insights by Dr. Stephen Isaac, Self Giving: Love's Secret Treasure
Music: Emotionally by Alex Bird

When we come to Christ and really find Him, the play-acting ends. And suddenly what we began as a player becomes real. There are no more rehearsals and there are no more final curtains. We find that we have become a pilgrim. And instead of being a beginning and end, we have begun a journey that has only a beginning. And that it unfolds with each day.