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VideoVideo PodcastThinking of Loved Ones Who Have Passed
Released May 29, 2023; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
Music: Beautiful Inspiration by bdProductions
Lecture: Thinking Helpfully of Those Who Have Died

What do you think of your loved ones who have gone into God's world? Do you think often of them? Do you let them know how much you still love them and always will? Well, it is important that you do this, because they are far more telepathically aware of your thoughts than you are of theirs.

VideoVideo PodcastRelatedness: Extroverts and Introverts Explained
Released May 22, 2023; Insights by Dr. Mary Clark
Music: Peaceful Emotional Ambient Background by R-Production
Lecture: Lenten Class in the Way of Wholeness (5 of 6): Jungian Types

Where do you draw your energy? The extrovert will pull their energy from the outside world, and he relates with that, where introvert will pull their energy from the inside.

VideoVideo PodcastBecoming More Receptive to Angels
Released May 15, 2023; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
Music: Hope and Light by Illuminations
Art: Mountain Lord, Behold the Great Sequoia, and Christmas Angel (c) Jonathan Wiltshire

Lecture: Michaelmas: Feast of the Angels

God has arranged in His infinite compassion, and His great source of wisdom, this wonderful, wonderful network of hierarchical beings that are Themselves climbing patiently and steadily as They give instruction, inspiration, encouragement, healing, love, baptism, releasement and purification to individuals who pray. An Angel is powerless to help an individual who does not strive to love God.

VideoVideo PodcastA Look into Past Lives
Released May 8, 2023; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
Music: Beautiful Inspiration by bdProductions
Art: Nero by Jan Styka, Veringetorix Surrenders to Julia Caesar by Lionel Royer, Saint Peter by Marco Zoppo, The Judas Kiss by Gustave Dore, Last Supper by Carl Bloch, All art mentioned or unmentioned are considered Public Domain, including historical images and video

Lecture: Take a New Look at Reincarnation

I wonder if some of you know some of the past lives of certain great persons. I've always been interested in investigating persons to whom I felt a response or a rejection if they were world figures.