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Life Is a Sacrament

Released January 17, 2022; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Understanding the Value of the Sacraments
Music: Emotional Inspiring by bdProductions

Life itself is a sacrament. We are before the Divine Host constantly and are being served the truth in Holy Communion uninterruptedly; we too receive the juice of the life invigorating substance and essence when we ask for it. Isn't it a wonderful thing when you need to still yourself and say, O Lord, Thou art my strength and my redeemer, and to have the light of that unification and that purposeful reminder saturate you through and through and charge you with the holiness of its content?


Following the Will of God

Released February 1, 2021; Insights by Reverend Blake Isaac, Coming to Self-Surrender Through Holy Obedience
Music: Piano Inspiration by Music Runner

Our topic today is at the heart of every great mystery schools discipline. It is the way of life for every great soul that has graced the earth. It is what propelled them to rise from mediocrity to greatness, to be ennobled, to be a light for Christ in this world despite the challenging times at hand.


A Look into Our Auras

Released January 11, 2021; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Seven Bodies (2 of 5): Understanding the Etheric Body
Music: Eternal Hope Orchestral String by Groove Committee; Epic Inspiring by Ashamaluev

The average Christian speaks of three vehicles of being: the physical body, the Soul and the Spirit, knowing that these are distinct vehicles and not the same body. But there are more than just these bodies and these others have just as important a role to play.


Esoteric Christianity

Released July 20, 2020; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Values of Esoteric Teaching
Music: For Meditation by Stereo Nuts; Art: Icons made by

In the esoteric understanding of Christianity, we are taught that all of us are different in our temperament because there are various ways that we are evolving. There are seven major paths. We all belong to one of these major rays. It is helpful to our understanding that we have some insight into ourselves as we are and as we require further development. It also enables us to accept and appreciate other persons better, just from that standpoint alone.


The Living Words of Mystics

Released April 27, 2020; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism and What it Is
Music: Inspiring Cinematic by Alex Bird

Let us think for a moment of some of the most prominent mystics who have blessed our earth and written widely and lived highly. Let's explore their words and see how they express the oneness in all life and the purpose behind existence, when their consciousness is purified and their whole attention is given or focused upon God.


Happy New Year

Released January 6, 2020; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
Music: One Heart by Christopher Lloyd Clarke; Art: Gnomes by Jitka Petrova

There is the widening of power now and a very gentle yellow gold color, like mist, sweeps through the earth. Think of the Planetary Logos on the plane of God Spirit where He functions. The Light contains us. It is as though we were buoyed up on this Wave of Light. The power is both gentle and strong. It holds the energy of the New Year that has not been touched as yet.


Let Christ Remake You

Released December 2, 2019; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Be Alive All Your Life
Music: Beyond The Summit by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Let us remember that we have a purpose in life, and we can express it as we wish. However, we should make it definite. And if you love our Lord, let Him make you over. Let Him work on you unceasingly. Don't feel that you have to do it all yourself. It's there ready to be received, the help is, the strength is, the giving-ness of God.


What Should Mysticism Mean to You?

Released October 14, 2019; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism and What it Is
Music: Eternal Hope Orchestral String by Groove Committee and Inspiring Cinematic by Alex Bird

And so what should mysticism mean to you? It should be a summons to you, a challenge, and all of your spiritual beliefs should be bringing you to that sensitivity which prepares you to face Divine Reality. When you practice purification, humility and reverence you will be sensitized, and gradually vision will be given you. And it will be your Soul because only the Soul thinks in mystical consciousness terms, only the Soul sees that we are all kin.


What Are Angels Like?

Released September 23, 2019; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, More about the Angels
Music: Emotional Piano by AShamaluev and Inspiring Cinematic by Alex Bird; Art: Elyce Chantel Elyra, James Hulbert, and Don Burson

There are realities in this world that are so great that they awe us, and they make us feel as if we want to be cleansed by the tears of our joy and our thanksgiving. One of these realities is that of the Angel Kingdom. You might ask, ''What are Angels like?''


Raising Consciousness

Released September 9, 2019; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Consciousness is Man's Best Tool
Music: Piano Inspiration by Music Runner

Do you know you could begin a new life if you really promised yourself and held to it? If you would trust God from here on to help you to live from a higher level, to enable you to succeed in what you are doing, and beyond your present imagination of what success means. God can do all these things so easily for you and wants to.


The Soul

Released August 1, 2019; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Seven Bodies (4 of 4): More Light Regarding the Soul
Music: Hope and Light by Illuminations and Reach by Christopher Lloyd Clark

This Soul that possesses us is the Angel within us, the purest part of us up to the beginning of the Divinity that enshrines us. There is more than the Soul that is of God, and greater too, but the soul indeed is our Master Self, the pure Angel of Light within.