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Sunday talks delivered by our ministers and guest speakers are recorded weekly and made available here for listening in case you miss a service. Services are held each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest.

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Your highest tribute to the Lord Christ is a worship of His Spirit through the living of His Spirit.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 3)

SpeakerPodcastChrist’s Words Are Forever Alive
February 23, 2020 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

Christ's words are like powerful musical mantras, vibrating through us and activating us with their cleansing frequencies of Divinity. Christ was very insistent on the proclaiming of the Word. He Himself said, Whoever keeps My words will never die. The more we internalize the healing power of Christ's living words, they will always inspire and activate us anew. They help us during Lent, and always, to put on the 'breastplate of righteousness' and live a more focused and authentic, Christlike life on Earth.
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SpeakerPodcastThe Heart Chakra: Our Gateway to the Divine
February 16, 2020 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

In her beautiful way, Flower tells us that, the Heart Chakra marks the beginning of the higher range of energy centers that prepares us for illumination. This sacred and beautiful chakra, centered between the three lower and the three upper chakras, is the gateway through which healing takes place for the entire being. As its petals unfold, we naturally become more unselfish, attuning to the more subtle and Divine Powers within. We will explore the wonders of the Heart Chakra, discovering ways in which we might consciously purify, heal and open our own so that God may shine Light more clearly through us.
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SpeakerPodcastTapping into the Wisdom of the Heart
February 9, 2020 by Reverend Lucy Wold

Let us examine the gifts that come to us, and gifts we may give to others when we move our attention from our heads to our hearts and discover how to use our hearts as portals to our true nature and most authentic selves.
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SpeakerPodcastAwakening Spiritual Abundance Through Good Stewardship
February 2, 2020 by Reverend Blake Isaac

One of the great spiritual laws regarding abundance is tied to our willingness to give. It is linked to the insight that the more goodness that flows out from us, the more we attract goodness to flow in. Flower A. Newhouse has said that this stewardship then becomes our outer responsibility in this world behind the purpose of life, which inwardly is to become more God-conscious. Let us come and learn then how to become a good and faithful steward to open the door to spiritual abundance.
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SpeakerPodcastLiving Up To The Commitments That We Make
January 26, 2020 by Reverend Felice Reynolds

Commitments are a part of life and living in a relational world, yet if we make too many and have trouble fulfilling them, we can end up feeling drained and unsuccessful. On the other hand, if we refrain from making commitments, we often feel as though we are afloat at sea without a purpose or direction. Finding the balance between these is the great endeavor that we strive for and what better time than at the start of 2020!
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SpeakerPodcastThe Mystical Tree of Life
January 19, 2020 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

Each year, the third Sunday in January celebrates World Religion Day and emphasizes the unifying spiritual teachings contained in the living world faiths. Through thought, heart, word, and deed, each human can contribute more effectively as a dynamic catalyst and peace planter in God's evolving world. In this 80th year of Questhaven's history, how can we better apply the mystical vision and esoteric teachings of the Christward Ministry to address the multiple needs of our times, thus playing a more meaningful role, individually and communally, in embodying Christ's loving Spirit on Earth?
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SpeakerPodcastCreating a Life of Heaven on Earth
January 12, 2020 by Merrily Boult

Do you ever wonder what it is like when we cross over to the other side when our life on earth is finished? Have you ever imagined the peace, joy, and freedom you might experience when you return Home? Have you ever thought it would be possible to experience that Divine connection while still on earth? If you have, you already know it is possible. If you haven't, this sharing may help you transform your thinking, and help you experience life as never before.
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SpeakerPodcastImproving, Beautifying and Enriching our Relationships in 2020
January 5, 2020 by Dan Willis

Relationships are the foundation for human life and are the gateways for God's love, challenge, and blessings for us. Our efforts to nurture, heal, and improve our relationships will bring much enrichment to our lives. Please join us next week as we explore several ways to infuse the Christ Spirit into our relationships to regenerate, uplift, and transform them in 2020.
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SpeakerPodcastIntegrating the Inner Realms into Your 2020 Life Adventure
December 29, 2019 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

As we have been wrapped in the blessings from On High during the Christmas tide, we enter now into the New Year, which brings in its own blessings from the lofty inner dimensions of Light. There is so much for us to behold and the opportunity is before us to now integrate these Spiritual Realities with more consciousness, reverence and joy into our everyday and practical lives. Let us, together, carry the gleanings of the inner worlds into our new year more than we've ever done before.
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SpeakerPodcastEntering the Heart of Christ: Emblazoned Love
December 22, 2019 by Reverend Blake Isaac

Lights decorating each home. Ornaments have been hung on the tree. Christmas carols being sung. Can you feel the growing tides of Christmas? All this is an extension of the Christ Spirit bringing hope and the promise of new beginnings, of God's love realized. Enter its currents and receive it!
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