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The Way of a Christ-Centered Mystic

Becoming a Disciple of Christ

Flower Meditating at Mt. Frazier, 1940

The greatest gift of a mystic dedicated to the living Christ is that their life is not their own. It is Christ-given. They become as a chalice for God where the living waters of Divinity flow through. At the age of 12, Flower A. Newhouse had this wish:

One thing I desire is that people shall learn to know God, and that only. I do not wish anyone to become attached to this personality; for the cup can only hold the water, it cannot satisfy the thirst of the needy. I pray that God will use this body and mind that is dedicated to Him so that in leaving the temple service each worshipper will carry in his heart the living Presence which they have learned to feel more intimately.

A flower casts its fragrance upon the breath of the winds, never asking for recognition nor admiration nor love because its inner nature compels it to sweeten the world. So through this channel may the perfume of Reality steal to gladden the lives of all.

For those of us who knew Flower, the holiness of God flowed through her and touched our presence with a Divine stirring. It encouraged us to stand taller and more assuredly for Christ—that we become a more pure and refined vessel for His spirit to use.
Reverend Blake Isaac

At the heart of this knowing is that the Christ Spirit is the stimulus for all life to grow Godward and enter the purest expression of goodness and love. It is the awakening of the Christ consciousness within us as we are living more and more from our Soul's truest expression.

Flower A. Newhouse came into this world to help each of us awaken to our need for this spiritual Wayshower of Christ, but also help us unfold our own growth Godward with Him. This was confirmed in her early twenties when the most momentous moment of her life took place. She was meditating on Frazier Mountain about nothing in particular, when all of a sudden, Christ came to her.

He spoke of her mission: she came to help humanity become more aware of the Angel Kingdom and to prepare individuals for higher unfoldment.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Songs of Deliverance

Embracing Christ

Take a moment and listen to Flower herself share about that moment with Christ.

Seeing the Christ

The mystic Flower A. Newhouse reveals that it is not enough to know Truth; it must be applied. This is the essence of why we have an Academy—to train ourselves in consciousness and character. It is the process of ever awakening to higher octaves of Truth and learning to live in alignment to what is coming through. It is truly the way of living from our Soul.

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