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Linking arms of striving Christian Mystics consciously around the globe.
bioReverend Blake Isaac

Every student attending a university can find value from the campus environment. Whether it be the library, student union or even walks in the gardens, there is a place that supports the student's purpose and intention. In the likeness of ancient mystery schools of old, we are providing a learning environment to help seekers in the path of spiritual growth and discovery.

We developed what we are calling the 4D experience. One dimension of presenting truth is through the spoken or written word. Another is through beauty. Music or interaction adds another level of attunement. As we start combining these layers together, we are priming the pumps, as it were, inviting the participant to contemplate and experience God in a whole new way. This direct experience of God is mysticism at work.

The 4D Experience

Essential to spiritual growth is dedication. This is greatly increased in all of us as we are encouraged and inspired by the people and surroundings in which we find ourselves. Therefore, this online campus has a community of fellowship and support to help each other along the way.

The Questhaven Academy Community provides a safe place for striving Christian mystics to worship, study, practice and share. It is filled with a multitude of places to explore and discover the Wisdom teachings as presented by Christian Mystic Flower A. Newhouse. Volumes of text, audio, video and other resources have been disseminated throughout the Academy Community to provide countless hours of study and enjoyment. The key task from the highly trained staff of the Academy is to create places for people to experience God—the great call of mysticism.

Community Content

  • Our Place of Worship
  • Resource Library
  • Life Credit Classes
  • Emmanuel's Cathedral
  • Meditation and Prayer Garden
  • Know Thyself Temple
  • The Nature Sanctuary
  • Masters' Temple
  • Angel Solarium
  • Temple of the Arts
  • Great Souls Abode
  • Historium
  • Flower's Study

Future Content

  • Inner Observatory
  • Healing Fountain
  • Mother Light Grotto