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Introducing Questhaven Academy

Training Programs on the Path of Christian Mysticism

Christ's Light emanates throughout the world.

Through the ages humanity has come to a recovery of their forgotten oneness with God. Their attainment of recovery brings them to oneness with the Eternal Spirit. This search for and recovery of oneness with God has been called mysticism.
Christian Mystic, Flower A. Newhouse

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As a living school, Questhaven Academy is designed to help sincere seekers find their way with God. Our Path of Christian Mysticism leads students beyond just believing in God to a knowing of God through direct experience. By deepening their contact with their Real self that dwells in God, students begin to discover the Divine flowing through them and in all life. Rigorous study, practice and contemplation inspires seekers to raise their consciousness, to live in greater alignment with Inner Guidance and to open themselves to experience God in ever-increasing ways.

The Three E's to Truth

In the Academy, not the intellect but the Soul will be revered. Different from intellectual learning, the spiritual process involves learning to subordinate reason and logic to intuition and illumination. This shift in emphasis runs counter to the current university concept and commands wholly new approaches and methods. Students are asked to explore, experience, and embody the truth they are learning.

To support us in this quest come the clear, practical, mystical, in-depth esoteric teachings of clairvoyant and Christian Mystic, the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, founder of Questhaven Retreat and the Christward Ministry.

While we believe there are many passageways to God, our path in the Questhaven Academy is the Path of the Lord Christ that He revealed first to the twelve and then to the seventy. Its hidden existence has been shown gradually to increasing numbers of seekers. It is the way of:

  • Spiritual Love
  • The Inner Governing the Outer
  • Initiation of Character
  • Illumination of Consciousness

In the end it leads to being self-emptied and God-filled and to one consuming desire: to serve the Will of God.

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Christian Mysticism Certification

These series of classes and programs go to the heart of discovering one's true Identity in God. Each cluster of classes is intended to expand the consciousness of a student and provide the necessary spiritual tools and contemplation to help with application—learning to live the life in greater oneness with God.

  • Level I, Christian Mysticism (learning to see as a mystic)
  • Level II, Wisdom Teachings (seeking wisdom as a mystic)
  • Level III, The Disciplines (learning to walk as a mystic)
  • Level IV, Psychology of Wholeness (learning to live as a mystic)

Full List of Semester Classes and Spiritual Topics

Accreditation Opportunities

  • Spiritual Coach Certification
  • Teacher Training Certification (Lay Minister)
  • Ministerial Certification (Ordination)

We believe that if the Christ Spirit can be made a vital part of our existence, its influence will unify, heal and transform world conditions...This Christian renaissance would begin its regeneration first in single individuals, but gradually the Light broadcast from these endeavors would be mirrored in every receptive heart throughout the land.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Quest

Mission and Purpose

Reflecting on life's deeper meanings while looking back to Inspiration Point

The Christward Ministry at Questhaven was founded in 1940 as a place for all faiths to come and find their way with God. The foremost function is training in Christward discipleship—to be a creative center for the New Age Ministry of The Christ. It was founded by two unique and highly trained individuals: Flower A. Newhouse, a clairvoyant Christian mystic and Lawrence G. Newhouse, a profound living example of Christian mysticism. Their foresight has established today a 655-acre spiritual retreat center in a pristine nature wilderness to be the home of this ministry and help support sincere seekers around the world to a greater awareness of the Living Christ and the need for God's Presence in our lives.

Questhaven Academy is an online interactive training center that is an extension of the work of The Christward Ministry at Questhaven. It is built around the concept of the academy—originally referring to a sacred olive grove near ancient Athens where Plato and his disciples met. The word "academy" also relates to a society of learned people—a sharing between persons brought together in common purpose and in an atmosphere of consecrated and enlightened communion.

Meditating at the Questhaven Dam

Our online academy includes a community of students where striving mystics can explore esoteric teachings, have discussions and take classes—a place where all seekers are free to find their way with God through the transformation of consciousness and refinement of spiritual living. Through a deepening relationship with the Living Christ, the Transformer, illumination and initiation will come as we begin to align and awaken to God within as His Oneness exemplified.

Our Purpose

To help each sincere seeker in their Quest to be self-emptied and God-filled.

Our Mission

This Academy is raised to offer the following spiritual intentions:

  • Worship
  • The Achievement of Interior Knowledge
  • Inner Growth
  • Spiritual Development for the Helping of Others
  • Work of a Spiritual Order