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Registration and Introduction

Registration for Christian Mysticism Certification

Registrations are now being accepted year round. Students are required to sign in and register before enrolling in classes.

While each semester is limited to 12 students at a time, students are able to join at any point during the year since the lessons are individually paced. Register below to ensure your enrollment today!

The Registration Process

  1. Submit registration payment, then click the link provided to return to the Academy website or click the link in your confirmation email to view order details.
  2. Two forms will now appear on this page (refresh your browser if necessary) to gather pertinent student information as well as a spiritual reflection and assessment exercise
  3. After Administration acknowledges receipt of your forms, access will be given to our Introductory Lessons by Dr. Stephen Isaac—The Way of Christian Mysticism, an informative overview of the whole Academy program.
  4. Administration will contact you and answer any questions you may have within 2 weeks of your registration and form submission.

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Registration Fee: $55.00

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