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Christian Mystic Training Program

Christian Mysticism Study and Practice

There is one within you, one who is sacred, one who is pure, one who would not defile God's time, which He has given you in this body, by thinking the wrong kind of thoughts. That holy one, which is your Higher Self, is constantly wanting to motivate you. All of its powers, which are really super powers, are there for you to tune in on.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Your State of Consciousness

This is a semester based certification program with a personal coach covering the foundations of Christ-centered mysticism. Students are able to enroll and register at any point during the year as the lessons are individually paced. This training program is designed for anyone who desires to deepen their spiritual journey through direct experience with God and a growing relationship with the Lord Christ. For those wanting to become a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher Trainer (lay minister) or ordained minister, this program is required.

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Video: Thinking about taking classes? Watch this introduction by Reverends Lucy Wold and Blake Isaac.

Registration is simple and provides introductory readings to make sure this is the right path for you. Once registration is accepted and approved, students will have the option to enroll for the first semester. Each online series is designed around a 12-week semester system with one class session per week. However, students are allowed to work at their own pace.

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  • All lessons will include study, practice, worship (experience) and sharing (contemplation).
  • All students are given an online coach and mentor to support them as needed on the journey.
  • Enrollment includes an optional 7-day contemplative group retreat with The Christward Ministry ministers, teachers and coaches on the grounds of Questhaven Retreat (required for accreditations leading to ordination).

Cost per semester: $640 (Guest), $576 (Seeker Supporter), $480 (Quester Supporter)***

***This fee includes twelve classes, a personal coach, all course reading materials, instruction and administrative evaluations. It also includes Questhaven Retreat accommodations for seven days and nights as well as one group dinner along with one-on-one counseling and guided activities during the stay.

Video: Academy Testimonial
Deborah Waitley, Ph.D.

Holy Quest Series—Discovering Our Divine Identity in God

From the life and teachings of Clairvoyant and Christian Mystic Flower A. Newhouse

Level I: Learning to See as a Mystic

Semester A: The Mystery of God
Christian Mysticism (View Sample Lesson)
A Study of Christian Mystics
Exploring the Mystery of God
The Seven Aspects of God
Drawing Closer to God
The Living Christ
The Public Life of Jesus
The Christ Spirit
The Holy Spirit
The Spirit of Grace and Mercy
Seven Bodies Within: Physical, Etheric, Astral, and Mental
Seven Bodies Within: Soul, Adonai and Monad
Semester B: Ways Into God's Presence
Higher States of Consciousness
Inner Perception
Specific Prayer Needs
Creative Meditation
Treatment Work
Spiritual Healing
The Inner Side of Illnesses

Level II: Seeking Wisdom as a Mystic

Semester A: Mystery Christianity (Part I)
Esoteric Teachings
Our Purpose in Life
The Seven Rays of Life
Auras and Chakras
Atomic Intelligences
Experiencing Death
The Inner Worlds and Preparation for Birth
Inner Cities and Power Centers
Semester B: Mystery Christianity (Part II)
The Masters and Inner Government
Instruction from the Masters
The Angel Kingdom
Angels of Nature
Angels that Influence Humanity
Other Orders of Angels
Holy Days
Mystery Schools
Cycles of Life and Astrological Signs
Signs and Symbols

Level III: Learning to Walk as a Mystic

Semester A: The Journey Godward (Centeredness)
The Way of Discipleship
Spiritual Alchemy: Centeredness and Relatedness
Holy Obedience
Lessons from the Soul
Inner Peace (Poise)
Semester B: The Journey Godward (Relatedness)
The Challenges of Discipleship
Power of Thought
Spiritual Love
Spiritual Discernment
Life Rules