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Sample Lesson

Christian Mysticism

Climbing the Mountain of God

The journey Godward we are undertaking has two vital expressions within us—the consciousness with which we abide and the character from which we live. The path of Christian mysticism is striving for a greater union with God, which will bring us to deeper devotions and insights that will illumine our consciousness—expand it. Our constant challenge as disciples of the Way of Christ is to live in greater alignment to the Truth that we are ever awakening to.

The obstacle that lies in our path is the personality self—the part of us encompassing our so-called human nature: the source of our shortcomings and resistance. Isn't it wonderful to know that we have a Soul within us too that is God-given, gradually awakening us and taking more and more command of our lives as we make headway in our journey? These are the concepts we are exploring throughout these lessons to help us know what it truly means to be self-emptied and God-filled.

The path to God before us

Soul Video: What Should Mysticism Mean to You?

What Is Christian Mysticism?

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