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About Us

Mission and Purpose

Reflecting on life's deeper meanings while looking back to Inspiration Point

The Christward Ministry at Questhaven was founded in 1940 as a place for all faiths to come and find their way with God. The foremost function is training in Christward discipleship—to be a creative center for the New Age Ministry of The Christ. It was founded by two unique and highly trained individuals: Flower A. Newhouse, a clairvoyant Christian mystic and Lawrence G. Newhouse, a profound living example of Christian mysticism. Their foresight has established today a 655-acre spiritual retreat center in a pristine nature wilderness to be the home of this ministry and help support sincere seekers around the world to a greater awareness of the Living Christ and the need for God's Presence in our lives.

Questhaven Academy is an online community and interactive training center that is an extension of Questhaven Retreat and the work of The Christward Ministry. It is built around the concept of the academy—originally referring to a sacred olive grove near ancient Athens where Plato and his disciples met. The word "academy" also relates to a society of learned people—a sharing between persons brought together in common purpose and in an atmosphere of consecrated and enlightened communion.

Meditating at the Questhaven Dam

Our online academy includes a community where striving mystics can explore esoteric teachings, have discussions and take classes—a place where all seekers are free to find their way with God through the transformation of consciousness and refinement of spiritual living. Through a deepening relationship with the Living Christ, the Transformer, illumination and initiation will come as we begin to align and awaken to God within as His Oneness exemplified.

Our Purpose

To help each sincere seeker in their Quest to be self-emptied and God-filled.

Our Mission

This Academy is raised to offer the following spiritual intentions:

  • Worship
  • The Achievement of Interior Knowledge
  • Inner Growth
  • Spiritual Development for the Helping of Others
  • Work of a Spiritual Order