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Nature Trails

Finding Enlightenment in Nature

Trail in Spring

Questhaven offers miles of nature trails that wander through chaparral and oak-lined canyons reaching woodland sanctuaries and hilltops offering panoramic mountain and ocean views.

On a mountain trail or in a canyon, practice five necessary qualities: attention, attunement, beholding, reception, and at-one-ment. Say "O God, I desire to find Thee everywhere. Let Thy treasures be opened to me and let my mind be laid open to Thee."

When the heart is appreciative and the whole being is desirous of God, then the temples of nature open their doors and every voice of nature speaks to us of its own transcendent, God-filled purpose. To sense the Divine within the hidden side of Nature, our attitude is lifted and purified, through the expression of appreciation and fondness for all that we are conscious of, present in the out-of-doors.

Questhaven is truly a peaceful holy ground to find God in nature. Thank you for providing such a sacred environment to journey find my own self and my loving Creator.