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Recorded Lectures

by Flower A. Newhouse from 1950 to 1990

Flower A. Newhouse, circa 1940's

Here you'll find a large sample of the recorded lectures given by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse between 1950 and 1990. These lectures can be purchased on CD-ROM and many are now available as Audio Downloads.

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Summer Pilgrimage (2 of 3): The Soul

Saturday, June 26, 1954 (005-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe soul that is active in us is dwelling in a wonderful world, a causal world of Light, a world of power and beauty and creativity such as we know nothing about in this dimension. In this second of three talks given during a Summer Pilgrimage Retreat focused on spiritual awareness, Flower describes the soul world, the soul’s different faculties, and how it appears in our auras. She clarifies common misconceptions about the soul, describes lost souls, and speaks about the symbology in fairy tales.

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Summer Pilgrimage (3 of 3): The Adonai and Spirit of God Indwelling

Sunday, June 27, 1954 (005-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFrom here on we want to learn all that we can about the Holy triad because healing will flow from the awareness of the divine powers that are resident within. Discusses esoteric teachings regarding our seven-fold bodies and the hierarchy of God's inner kingdoms.

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Of What Does an Ideal Awareness in Nature Consist?

Sunday, June 26, 1966 (308-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe more an individual loves nature the better is it revealed that he is advancing. The more mature the soul the deeper will be his love for the out-of-doors and for the creatures. God has placed within man an awareness, sometimes it is only intuitional but that is enough, of another kingdom; a kingdom that serves the trees, the grasses, the winds, the storm and all the loveliness of nature. And the same intuition tells us that we can receive much from this other side of life if we are open to its inner perspective.

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The Inner Side of Nature

Sunday, June 18, 1967 (331-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis revealing talk on the inner side of nature opens up another dimension for us to be aware of until our own inner sight is developed to show us such wonders. Flower shares how to prepare both inwardly and outwardly before going out into nature to benefit the most from it. She suggests studying certain naturalists, writers, and poets to aid in this preparation. She then takes the listener on a mountain trail and describes all that she sees and experiences with her higher faculties.

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The Meaning of the Sacrament of Beauty

Sunday, June 23, 1968 (364-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower states that God comes to us by many paths, and we should welcome and value every path He uses. For one of the greatest and most joyous ways He illumines and touches is by the beauty of holiness, by beauty - the spirit of true and genuine beauty. It is a wonderful thing to be aware that all art is sacramental. Everything we do can become an art - our living, our thinking, our meditations - everything. She details how a person with extended perception experiences examples of the arts - four-dimensionally, and describes great art as it appears in the higher planes.

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Nature As Healer and Enlightener

Sunday, June 22, 1969 (394-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThere are many paths by which we meet God, and upon which He speaks to us. Among them are the way of reverence through religion, the way of music, the way of color, the way of beauty, and the way of nature. We believe that for the most part the initiations of nature, or the ways of nature, are the least tried by most Christians. This is because they are so immersed in details, they are so lost in the abstractions of their routine living, that they do not disengage themselves sufficiently to behold with wonder the voice of God speaking through His firmament.

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The Inner Values of Summer

Sunday, June 21, 1970 (422-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe summer solstice ushers in a time when we should attune ourselves more fully to nature, to learn from nature. Flower recounts the experiences in nature of many nature mystics and naturalists. She explains how we can benefit by being in nature during the summer months.

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Walking in Beauty

Sunday, June 27, 1971 (466-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk awakens us to the beauty that is all around us, not only God's artwork in nature, but in the fine arts as well as our everyday living. Flower stresses the importance of creating beauty in our homes and in our daily surroundings through our choice of artwork, jewelry and decorations. She encourages us to listen to uplifting music and visit museums of fine art. She shares what she sees clairvoyantly when gazing upon a painting that is done well. She advises us to become that type of Christian that walks with awe in the imminence of God's presence in nature, who listens with inner feeling to monumental works of harmonious sound. Appreciate tremendous beauty and receive from it the charging that is there for you. See every hour as a new canvas upon which you may make your impressions, your impressions of raising the hour into the level of harmonious significance, or into the expression of the beauty of holiness.

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Beauty’s Endowments to Spiritual Life

Sunday, June 25, 1972 (508-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWe need beauty as much as we need food and health. Flower Newhouse describes spring and summer as the Festival of Reception, then further notes that the Spirit of Beauty is all-giving, and when we are ready to receive and sensitive enough, we will be aware of how richly it adds to our inner life. It requires the purifying of our senses and the ennobling of our hearts and our thoughts. Further, she makes us aware of the many forms of beauty, including literature, arts, music, dance, and nature, among others.

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July’s revelations

Sunday, July 9, 1972 (509-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk is part of a monthly series on the months of year that were given by Flower in 1972. She shares with us what is esoterically and astrologically significant during the month of July. She also stresses the importance of enjoying summer's pleasures–vacations, picnics, outings, and, most of all, the appreciation of the beauty found in nature at this time. She provides insight into the hierarchy of trees and why particular trees were selected for planting at Questhaven. She shares many quotes and excerpts from writings by naturalist initiates, particularly Gladys Taber and, her favorite, Edwin Way Teale, that uplift and inspire one to appreciate summer as never before.

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August: The Bestower of Blessings

Sunday, August 6, 1972 (511-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk is about appreciating the month of August. Flower shares her difficulty with the heat this month brings to Southern California, yet how the readings of naturalists have inspired her to look for its hidden blessings. She uses this month to work inwardly and often has her best meditations during this time. She shares with us the inner side of Leos and several famous persons from this sun sign. She discusses the writings of Lorus and Marjorie Milne, along with Edwin Way Teale, and their insights into nature during the summer season. She particularly focuses on desert life, mountains, and the gem, amber.

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Aspiring to Realize the Beautiful

Sunday, June 23, 1974 (558-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseIf we want our lives to be richer, then we need to behold beauty everywhere. We need to seek it, we need to express it and appreciate it and share it. Have you ever realized that beauty is always a gift of grace? When it comes to us it does so with a certain amount of surprise. It is wonderful to see life freshly, to meet things that are not anticipated and find them so exquisitely uplifting. Flower Newhouse discusses beauty in art, architecture, words and music, as well as in our own homes, sharing some of the inner impressions and effects given by beauty in its various manifestations.

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An Ideal for Today’s Literature

Sunday, June 22, 1975 (583-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseIn this talk, Flower encourages us to read challenging and illuminating literature. She gives several recommendations of authors as well as book titles that will uplift the reader and stretch the mind. She warns us not to subject ourselves to books that bring out our lower natures, but to find writers who give us beauty in their descriptive imagery, like Gladys Taber. She challenges us to be responsible for the use of your words that you speak and write. Be more discriminating and be responsible for what you read. She concludes her talk by sharing, 'There are testaments not only of devotion, but testaments of challenge and of initiatory experiences that come through the writings of those who have been wise enough to hold to the pure gold of great transforming truth. Find those books. They are your eternal friends.'

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Welcome Beauty Consciously and Appreciatively

Sunday, June 26, 1977 (635-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower stresses the importance for each of us to express beauty in our lives through creative endeavors. She explains that we need not perceive ourselves as having true artistic talent, but that we are all capable of expressing beauty creatively. She tells us we should create beauty in our homes and gardens and everything around us. She gives several examples of famous artists, composers and writers who have contributed beauty to our world through their creative pursuits. Beauty is important because God speaks to us not only in nature and at church, but through the arts.

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The Lessons the Arts and Nature Reveal

Sunday, June 25, 1978 (660-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower dedicates this retreat to the Spirit of beauty. She states that those who are appreciators of beauty as it courses through both the arts and nature, should begin with ourselves, and not only during this season but every day, to see that we embody something of the Spirit of Beauty. She then tells of and later shows several examples from her own home.

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The Values of Nature in Man’s Growth

Sunday, June 24, 1979 (685-2)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseRev. Flower A. Newhouse discusses the invaluable importance of nature, and what we can learn from nature Intelligences. She describes several nature mystics and how nature is one of our greatest teachers.

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Summertime Ideals

Sunday, June 19, 1983 (789-1)

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThose persons who love nature become nature mystics and these mystics are the very ones who can tell us things about nature that we might not tune into ourselves. They have seen into the depths of nature. They don't see just trees and sunshine and the beauty of the arrangement of the landscape, they sense presence and they sense power and they receive vitality in a new way. Flower shares some of her own experiences in nature, and those of other well-known nature mystics.

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