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Without successive lives, life in the universe would dissipate.


Reincarnation; Karma, Evolution, Transition, Life after Death

If one realizes that life is a school with lessons too numerous to be learned in only one lifetime, it is easy to conclude that we need to return to the learning arena frequently until we complete our soul's objectives.

Angel of Birth, Elyce Smith

We all have Divinity within us, waiting to be unfolded through developing talents and learning to love spiritually. We return to incarnate in different countries and races, different levels of health, power, and finances.

We encounter new and challenging circumstances, sometimes paying off karmic debts as we travel along our own evolutionary path.

The Deeper Meanings of Continuity

We believe in individual continuity and that there is no other philosophy in the entire world that answers the questions of man's inequality as the doctrine of individual continuity as experienced through birth and death and birth again, unceasingly.

There is a great deal of contrast between the orthodox, ordinary conception of the "single life" theory, and the one which most people in the world believe in, which is reincarnation. There are far more people who believe in this thought than in any other faith, and with very good reason.

When we think of the single life theory, we know that man is projected into time for a very temporary period and then experiences many inequalities. One child is born crippled or blind, to parents who might love him, or who might not even want him; while another child is born in very fortunate circumstances and will have within him the germination of genius. We see these inequalities everywhere if we try to explain life with the single life standard alone.

Whereas when we take the opposite side, seeing individual continuity, we know we belong to the past, that we've been in other glorious civilizations, that we are what we are because of what life has helped shape us to become, as well as what we ourselves added to the molding. Although we live in the present, we have trust in the future, knowing that we will be our own posterity. We are not only building and refining this world, helping it become more humane, more charged with brotherliness, more wise, for the benefit of posterity, but we too will benefit in the days which are to come. In fact, there will hardly be an important era that we shall not know, because each one will be sent into life in all the major periods, just as we have been in the past, wherein we've witnessed the art of Sumeria, the philosophy of India, and the wonderful family emphasis of China.

As we think of these things, we know that memory might be a great burden. If we were to have uninterrupted knowledge of all we had done in the past, I don't think we could bear to live in this dimension—it could drive us insane. The loss of memory is the kindest thing which transition brings us. God who planned our lives, is the One who is perpetually moving us, giving us the urge to climb and to grow, allowing us to know every step of the way that there is that which is familiar, for we never lose sight of Him, when once we have become dedicated. No matter where we're sent, if we have love for God awakened, we will find that every incarnation is good, purposeful, challenging, and God grant, victorious.

Excerpts from Flower A. Newhouse
Flower A. Newhouse, The Deeper Meanings of Continuity

Flower on Reincarnation

Evolution has been at work for a long, long time, striving to awaken and quicken the Divinity within man, striving to bring man from primitive stages of unfoldment to that of greater and more glorious awareness.
Flower A. Newhouse, God Within and God Unfolded

A Christian who believes in reincarnation would realize that he is responsible for everything that has happened to him to date. God gave him the gifts of life, spiritual opportunities, work to do, and people to love. Aside from these conferred gifts, whatever one has known of good and bad times and incidents, has come as a result of the law of compensation.
Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 2)

We have our daytime of life in incarnation, and we have our rest period in the greater Day of the life which is eternal.
Flower A. Newhouse, The Deeper Meanings of Continuity

Death is a name we give the cessation of physical processes as perceived by our physical senses. All of our inner senses are activated and, like arousing from a long sleep, we suddenly become aware of a most familiar and cherished reality - the inner world which is our original, authentic and eternal homeland.
Flower A. Newhouse, Insights Into Reality

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