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Sacred Festivals

Annual Weekend Retreats

From time immemorial mankind has realized the value of sacred festivals and holy days. Their influence is, as it always will be, to stir humanity's latent longing to behold once again the Shores of Eternity from whence each soul originates, and the God Presence from Whom all life springs. It is these recollections of the inner worlds that ring true when we are moved by a sacred rite or religious observance. Somehow we know we are at a threshold—there is something awesome just around the corner of consciousness and we reach up to be reunited with it.

Our earth's holidays have vital meanings. They are like a rosary, 'each bead a prayer, each festival a communion.' Spiritual forces are released through these occasions that ordinarily do not reach the shore of our consciousness. There are openings of inner doors on these days, where light comes out in regular frequencies.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

Weekend Retreats are held annually at Questhaven to celebrate the holy festivals of Easter, Christmas, Michaelmas, and the Vernal season. These 3-day festivals include devotional services, performances and activities honoring the Living Christ and celebrating the Angelic and Nature Kingdoms.

Christmas Retreat: December 18-20, 2020
The sacrament of Christmas is deep, profound and gladdening. It symbolizes the birth of our Lord in our own beings. It is the birth of cosmic...
Easter Retreat: April 10-12, 2020
Easter is the most powerful of our sacred days as we honor the occasion of that Matchless Person whose living made Him the model for all of our...
Vernal Retreat: June 20-21, 2020
The Vernal Festival begins the first of May with the inauguration of the Angels of Nature descending as low as the etheric world to take over certain...
Michaelmas Retreat: September 25-27, 2020
Michaelmas is the Feast of the Angels where we celebrate and express our appreciation to these glorious Hosts of Light through dance and music...