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Your highest tribute to the Lord Christ is a worship of His Spirit through the living of His Spirit.
Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 3)

Sunday Podcasts

Sunday Service Audio Recordings

Sunday talks delivered by our ministers and guest speakers are recorded weekly and made available here for listening in case you miss a service. Services are held each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest.

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SpeakerPodcastHealing Words of Christ
12/27/2009 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

SpeakerPodcastIn Reverence May I Walk
12/13/2009 by Reverend Myrna Triggs

SpeakerPodcastBe Kind One to Another - Christs Love in Action
12/6/2009 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

SpeakerPodcastOur Holy Gift: Freedom from the Antichrist Within
11/29/2009 by Reverend Blake Isaac

SpeakerPodcastThe Grace-filled Gifts of Gratitude
11/22/2009 by Reverend Lucy Wold

SpeakerPodcastThe Peace that Comes from Absolute Integrity
11/15/2009 by Reverend Phyllis Isaac

SpeakerPodcastDiscipleship Christward
10/25/2009 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

SpeakerPodcastAppreciating the Diversities of Each Ray
10/18/2009 by Reverend Blake Isaac

SpeakerPodcastThe Power of Remembrance-Maintaining Spiritual Momentum
10/11/2009 by Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

SpeakerPodcastPartnership with the Divine: Bringing God to Work
10/4/2009 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

SpeakerPodcastAngels: Couriers of the Light of Heavens
9/27/2009 by Reverend Blake Isaac

SpeakerPodcastFear Not: Trusting in Angels Who Guide Human Progress
9/13/2009 by Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

SpeakerPodcastUnveiling the Cloud of Silent Witnesses
9/6/2009 by Reverend Phyllis Isaac

What does the term Silent Cloud of Witnesses before the Throne of God mean to you? We want to come to a better understanding of who and what this is, and the importance of knowing for each of our lives.

SpeakerPodcastThe Unfolding of Consciousness from Personal to Cosmic
8/30/2009 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

Our evolutionary journey takes us from Ourselves As We Are to the realization of Christhood. This journey in the unfolding of consciousness ultimately brings us to the pinnacle of Cosmic Consciousness.

SpeakerPodcastThe Ascended Masters-Our Near and Loving Guides
8/23/2009 by Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

SpeakerPodcastTouched by the Light of the Immortals
8/16/2009 by Reverend Blake Isaac

SpeakerPodcastInspiration from the Mystic Poets
8/9/2009 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

Experience God's mystical Presence in the mysterious music of poetry.

SpeakerPodcastWhat Do Saints Do for Us?
8/2/2009 by Reverend Myrna Triggs

Saints can act as bridges between holy beings and humanity.

SpeakerPodcastSoul: Your Channel of Light
7/26/2009 by Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

The theme for July's Sunday services is Channels of Light, and how inspiring it's been to learn more of the exemplary lives that have added Light to the world. But only one channel can actually transform us into Light bearers. Join us next Sunday to delve more deeply into the potential of awakening our Soul's masterly powers.

SpeakerPodcastWilliam Wilberforce: The Virtue of Compassion
7/19/2009 by Dan Willis

Compassion is the virtue that can transform our very nature as it enables us to serve Christ's cause and purpose.

SpeakerPodcastOut of darkness, a Brilliant Light: Helen Keller
7/12/2009 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

SpeakerPodcastWe Hold These Truths in Our Hearts
7/5/2009 by Dr. James Hulbert

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson spoke to the finest and highest inherent wisdom of the people. His deep reverence for God inspired this document that provided the basis for the Constitution, which affects all temperaments and walks of life.

SpeakerPodcastFor the Beauty of the Earth
6/28/2009 by Gwen Hulbert

SpeakerPodcastPracticing the Presence of God
6/21/2009 by Dr. Richard Wold

The conclusion of Vernal Retreat with a talk presenting personal stories illustrating healing.

SpeakerPodcastRenewing Our Connection with God: Practicing the Presence
6/14/2009 by Reverend Blake Isaac

As Flower wrote, 'A time arrives in the life of every true Christian when he is not content to simply believe in God. The greatest need of incarnation is to know God. All other needs pale before this overwhelming necessity.'

SpeakerPodcastThe Creative Life: Manifesting Truth and Beauty
6/7/2009 by Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

Evolution is Divine Life, an inescapable force guiding us toward perfection. By attuning to the Divine Life within us we may tap an inexhaustible source of ideas and energies that emerge as creativity. Without creativity we do not advance — with creativity each day is a soul-satisfying spiritual adventure on the road to fulfillment.

SpeakerPodcastEarth: Our School for the Creatures
5/31/2009 by Reverend Myrna Triggs

This talk focuses on how God's creatures learn through life experiences and grow in consciousness just as humanity does.

SpeakerPodcastWhen Your Loved One Dies
5/24/2009 by Reverend Phyllis Isaac

Loss is a part of life and grief is very personal. The Grace that comes from God through this experience can be transforming.

SpeakerPodcastMaytime: The Open Door to the Inner Mysteries of Nature
5/10/2009 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

May begins the cycle governed by the nature kingdom. As we attune ourselves to the inner wonders of this season we discover new pathways on our journey back to God.

SpeakerPodcastGod is Future
5/3/2009 by Dr. Pietro Grieco

Most of the knowledge of God comes from ancient sacred texts, it is not strange that humanity has developed a rear vision when thinking about God. However our understanding of God cannot be restricted only to concepts revealed to prophets and sages of ancient times. God is also the vast Future that is revealed every day to us. In times of trouble and uncertainty, this new concept it is extremely useful to expand our hope, and our vision. This concept well understood reassures unlimited possibilities to humanity. Theologically, Future doesn't mean time or space, it means the Infinite dimension of Being. Understanding Future–as one of the many mansions of Spirit–allows us to renew, to be creative and to venture ourselves to an eternal life of well being and joy.

SpeakerPodcastWithin the Lighted Garden We Walk
4/26/2009 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

Although Easter Day is behind us the season of Easter renewal continues to thrive about us. Flower reminds us to ponder how it was for the first Christians during the weeks following the first Easter while Christ was on earth before taking His final Ascension. She believes they must have known a resurgence of joy. Can you feel the palpable spiritual presence in the atmosphere? Christ is among us. Springtime is in its fullness and we walk its Lighted path.

SpeakerPodcastThe Way of the Mystic
4/19/2009 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

SpeakerPodcastChrist Victorious
4/12/2009 by Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

Throughout this Lent we have been examining the stages of Christ's life to find the deeper meaning of our individual journey. Come celebrate with us His victory over death, and embrace the promise of your own ultimate ascension into the fullness of everlasting life.

SpeakerPodcastChrist enters Jerusalem
4/5/2009 by Reverend Phyllis Isaac

Holy week begins! Behind the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem lay lifetimes of preparation and striving for the Light. It was his tremendous veneration for God that spurred him to perfected wholeness. Are we making Christ's journey our journey or are we like the fickle crowd acclaiming Him one day and forgetting the next?

SpeakerPodcastSermon on the Mount
3/29/2009 by Reverend Blake Isaac

From Matthew 4-5 we read, 'And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. Let us explore His message on this day and discover its inner meaning for us now on our spiritual journey Christward.

3/22/2009 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

There are so many differend kinds of miracles that take place, including healings, warnings of danger, guidance to meet our needs, but to become a believer is the most widespread evidence of a miracle. Miracles are gifts and the transforming power of the Christ to lead us out of the darkness of ignorance and disbelief into the Light of spiritual faith is the greatest miracle of all.

3/15/2009 by Reverend Myrna Triggs

The Triumph of Jesus in the wilderness was twofold. First he refused all that the devil offered to him and second, he never wavered from depending on God alone. During this talk we will be delving into the more Esoteric side of this story.

3/8/2009 by Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

From earliest times myths and sacred texts have held the hidden meaning behind the very purpose of our existence. Using allegory, symbols, and parables, they reveal the sequence of life events that we meet along our evolutionary path. These events, once experienced, raise us in consciousness to the blessed state of being in God. The greatest example of this journey is found in the life of Jesus because His incarnation embodied the myth. In preparation for this Easter, we will look to the Lord, Who became Christ, as our guide to mastery, and we will explore the hidden meaning behind the great events we are to meet, from nativity to ascension.

SpeakerPodcastOur Search for Christ
3/1/2009 by Reverend Lucy Wold