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Your highest tribute to the Lord Christ is a worship of His Spirit through the living of His Spirit.
Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 3)

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Sunday talks delivered by our ministers and guest speakers are recorded weekly and made available here for listening in case you miss a service. Services are held each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest.

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SpeakerPodcastWho Are Your Soul Friends?
01/14/2018 by Reverend Lucy Wold

It is our relationships with others that help shape who we are today. In the coming week think of those with whom you have formed your most powerful connections, those who are with you physically in this life as well as those who may have lived centuries ago.

SpeakerPodcastQuestions, Answers and Lessons for New Years Spiritual Quest
01/07/2018 by Dan Willis

There is great opportunity before us in the spiritual adventure of a new year. We'll take a deeper look into lessons from such inquiries such as: How do we attain and live through soul consciousness? What is our potential to develop spiritual mindfulness and expressions? Through what might we experience more of Christ's reality? and other questions with lessons to help us experience greater depth in our living, fostering spiritual growth throughout the new year.

SpeakerPodcastA Divine Voice Speaks Throughout Creation
12/31/2017 by Reverend Julie Hilt

Love, with all its wonderment, says the Master Athena, is still to be experienced more perfectly in each of us. If love is present in the heart and in the Soul, then God's Spirit Indwelling is working in and through us. As we prepare to begin a new year in our earthly calendar let us consider how we may be of service to the whole of creation, in service to all living things, in service to this great planet Earth. Love is the language of the Divine voice, the voice that speaks through all of Creation. Join us next Sunday as we deepen our capacity to add our own voice to the Divine voice, for to love like Jesus means not only to emulate the pattern of His behavior but also His connection to the source of His power.

SpeakerPodcastLetting Go and Walking with Christ
12/24/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

Christ said, I have come as a Light unto the world (John 12:46). Christmas is a time for being rekindled by this Light. We are reborn in it as we learn to let go and allow this Light to purify our emotions, thoughts, and actions to become extensions of its expression. It is truly the process of learning how to walk with Christ in greater oneness with God.