quoteA time arrives in the life of every true seeker when it is not enough to simply believe in God. The greatest need is to know God.
Flower A. Newhouse

The Retreat
A 655-acre Nature Cathedral

Questhaven Retreat

Questhaven Retreat is a secluded nature preserve located in the coastal wilderness of San Diego County, providing a sacred setting for individuals and groups of all faiths to experience peace and renewal.

Sincere seekers visit throughout the year to harvest its energies and wisdom, prayerfully walk the labyrinth and trails, stay in one of the many cottages, and to draw closer to God in the beauty of nature.

The Training
The Way of Christian Mysticism

The Christward Ministry

The Christward Ministry is a spiritual training center dedicated to sharing the esoteric Christian teachings as taught by Questhaven's founders, Flower and Lawrence Newhouse.

Following the path of Christian Mysticism, we strive for a direct experience of God through a deepening relationship with the Living Christ. Above learning, we emphasize living the Christward Way.

The Mystic
Flower A. Newhouse, Founder

Flower A. Newhouse

Flower A. Newhouse is a well-known twentieth-century Christian mystic. She wrote and lectured extensively to reawaken humanity to the reality of the Living Christ, the Inner Worlds and the Angel Kingdom.

Her exceptional synthesis of inner perception and Christ-centered character was consecrated to the rediscovery of esoteric truth and the training of students in the way of Christian discipleship.

Sept. 26–28: Michaelmas Retreat 2014
Honoring the Angels

Michaelmas Let us commune with the reality of Angels,
and be open to the purity, the wonder,
the mystery and the almightiness
of their God-given life and purpose.

–Flower A. Newhouse

Friday, 26th

7:30 p.m.: Devotional Service

Please join us for a devotional service to honor the Angels with music, word and dance. This program features a dramatization, Seven Paths Upward, which explores the differences in our human temperaments and goals as we flow into conscious Life according to seven great Rays. Let us witness how our Guardian Angels work with us individually to help nurture and develop our highest expression for God according to our ray of unfoldment.

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Saturday, 27th

9:00 a.m.: Friendship House

  • Welcome
  • Gratitude letter or poem to your Guardian Angel
  • Personal Attunement to the Angels through nature walks, mandala making, meditation, journaling and prayer.

12:00 p.m.: Friendship House

  • Potluck Lunch (please bring something to share)
  • Your personal attunement to the Angels continues
  • 2 p.m.: Church of the Holy Quest
  • Music and Guided Meditation

4:00 p.m.: Labyrinth/Academy

  • Labyrinth walk
  • Sharing of day’s events in the Academy

Sunday, 28th

8:30 a.m.: PanEuRhythmy near the Labyrinth

10:45 a.m. Church Service

Includes three sharings on Angels given by Reverends Lucy Wold, Miara Wiltshire, and Elizabeth Wood.

  • Overview of Angels by Rev. Lucy Wold
  • The Angels of Questhaven by Rev. Elizabeth Wood
  • Attuning to the Angels by Rev. Miara Wiltshire

A potluck luncheon will follow in Friendship House.

Love Offering (for all events) Limited Overnight Accommodations.

Retreat FlyerMichaelmas 2014 Flyer

Retreat NewsMichaelmas 2014 Newsletter

Masters Silent Retreat 2014
Saturday, August 16th

The Temple of Peace by Baron Arild Rosenkrantz Practice the stilling of the entire self. You must command your body to be still, and your energies or nervous electrical impulses. Stillness, when commanded of the emotional nature, means restfulness and purity in that department. It is mental stillness which amounts to an emptying, a draining out your own thoughts where it is possible, which requires your greatest effort. When the mind is perfectly calm, and open and emptied of the negatives with which you might fill it, then it is a mirror for the soul to work upon and reflect through from its own superior height. You are attentive to the purpose of your concentrations. You will quiet yourself and liberate yourself in order that through emptying you can be filled from Our Wellsprings. The mind, therefore, will be in control of the whole man and yet will, as sentinel, point to the everlasting. There is a reason to be quiet and point to the everlasting. There is a reason to be quiet and attentive. The reason is attunement to the threshold of God Consciousness. Remind yourselves frequently of your reason and let the door open itself to release its power.
–The Wise and The Strong

The Masters' Purpose and Blessing Through Questhaven

There is a purpose behind all evolving life that calls for refining and perfecting. It is a spiral journey leading to mastery. A wonderful reality dawns with the knowing that there are humans who have achieved such perfection over their lower vehicles and personality-selves. They work with our Lord Christ to awaken humanity to the presence of God. These Masters also work with spiritual groups in various ways to deepen and inspire their highest ideals to come forth. Let us explore Their impetus behind Questhaven, for this is Their Work.
–Reverend Blake Isaac

Sharings from Attendees of the Masters' Silent Retreat

Each year the connection I feel with the Masters deepens. It was profound to read through my journals from previous years and see how true guidance really did come through for my life.

This retreat was an opportunity to go much deeper into oneself and connect to God through the wisdom of the Masters.

The whole weekend culminated in an inspired idea for a new direction to help release some old wounds for which I am deeply grateful.

NewsletterThe Path of the Masters

Vernal Retreat 2014
Exploring Divine Beauty in Nature and Art

Mt. Rainier "Take in everything before you and let your eyes be drenched with beauty, and as you love beauty in a reverent way it becomes a sacrament to you." –Flower A. Newhouse

A weekend of experiential events to increase our awareness of Beauty as an aspect of the Divine is an ideal preparation for our summer travels, both outwardly and inwardly.

FRIDAY – June 20 / 7:30 PM / Church of the Holy Quest

A unique meditative tour to the inner side of Earth's mountain regions as clairvoyantly observed by Flower Newhouse. Richard Boult, devoted student of Flower's and a well-traveled lover of nature, leads us on this holy trek, followed by an inspired sacred dance by Questhaven's Temple Dancers.
Podcast The Sacrament of Beauty

SUNDAY – June 22 – Church of the Holy Quest

The retreat concludes with our Sunday devotional service and a summarizing talk, "Reflections of Divine Reality–A Sampling of Beauty Expressed" by Rev. Jonathan Wiltshire. Service includes inspired gathering of music, art and reverent adoration of the Most High.
Podcast Reflections of Divine Reality: A Sampling of Beauty Expressed

Easter Retreat 2014
Easter Impressions from Those Gathered

The Lord Christ and the active influence of the Christ Spirit awakens us to the Divinity within man and draws us Christward.
– adapted from Christward by Flower A. Newhouse

Please enjoy these highlights and impressions from Easter Retreat

"The opening with the Angel Dance brought in such beauty and power. Each performer was overshadowed by an Angelic Host. At the end of the dance, I looked at the Christ portrait. In utter amazement, I saw a radiant Light that formed around the Christ and moved out to fill the entire Chapel with His blessing. The power was overwhelming and brought me to tears."

"For me last night's service was extremely powerful and humbling. Every aspect of the program was well done. I applaud and thank you for once again bringing Christ and the Inner Worlds closer."

Holy Communion "The Lenten Meditations began the rhythmic movement which wove the tapestry of Sacred Energy so gracefully revealed yesterday in all its Glory! Everything was impeccable, reflecting the love and lightness of Questhaven's provision of The Light! I give great thanks for the privilege of participating."

"I reside today in the richness of remembrance of all that took place on many levels. It is a memory and reflection of true wonder, fullness and beauty."

FlyerEaster Retreat Program
Schedule Wednesday Night Lenten Series
NewsletterEaster Retreat Newsletter
NewsletterEaster Retreat Highlights

Christmas Retreat 2013
From Our Hearts to Yours

A Merry Christmas blessing from our hearts to yours. These pictures and scenes highlight our preparation for Christmas 2013 at Questhaven Retreat.

Christmas Retreat Highlights from our Voice and Bell Choirs and Sacred Dancers are provided in our Inspiration Newsletter, with a Christmas Keynote for a New Year.
NewsletterChristmas Keynote for a New Year

Much of this Christmas Retreat was inspired by a talk given by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse in 1955. You can download this talk here:
Audio DownloadThe Heart of Christmas

Flower Newhouse taught that the Christmas season gifts us with increased energies from higher worlds, sent to help raise our awareness of Divine Reality. This opportunity is fulfilled not in traditional stories, restrictive dogma, or even family gatherings, but rather in the empirical experience of meeting the Lord Christ. To know Him more fully is to experience love as the essence of Reality.

quote The value and scope of esoteric Christianity appears when we perceive how fully it explains variations, as well as other facts related to living, that cannot be answered by any other level of interpretation. We discover in this higher approach the practice of realizing God within us as well as around us, and try through love, humility and reverence to be at one with that Presence.
Flower A. Newhouse, The Collected Works, Vol II

Michaelmas Retreat 2013
Natives of Eternity–The Kingdom of Angels

Composer Richard Wagner received much of the inspiration for his music from his sensitive reception of heavenly concerts. As you experience his powerful The Ride of the Valkyries, observe powerful Warrior Angels with their absolute dedication to the Christ cleansing the atmosphere and doing battle against darkness and evil. Fireal or Inspirer Angels with Their fiery powers work on the Causative Level to inspire humans. Allow this great Angel music to bring you to higher levels of courage and power than you have ever experienced before.

One composer who caught the flow of the harmonies Angels sent out was the great Ludwig van Beethoven. Although he had many lives as a human, he was originally a nature deva, a being who evolves through service to the Nature Kingdom. He never quite came to balance between his deva and human lives, and he was often unhappy because he did not know exactly where he belonged

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, which he wrote when he was deaf, was his most triumphant work. He overcame so much in giving this particular music to the earth. This music brings in Angels Serving the Holy Spirit. The Angels you will see are Awakener Angels, also called Remliel Angels. They work with us to overcome destructive habits of our personalities and ready our minds for expanded receptivity to the higher frequencies of the Inner Worlds. What an invaluable service these Awakener Angels perform for us because it is Their mantling that helps open the gate that allows us to develop our insight, intuition and creative perception. The colors of this music are a very Christ blue with parts of it becoming more electric blue.

Because of the breath-taking classical music of long ago, it is easy for us to assume that only composers from the past were able to tune in to Angels of Song, so you may be surprised to learn that modern composers also may bring through the inspiration of these great Angels. Flower says of The Sound of Music by Rogers and Hammerstein, "They must have been in attune with a true instructive music Angel because that's one of the best and most authentic nature recordings that I know. The whole thing is expressive primarily of devas' appreciation of mountains and the grandeur and majesty of nature." Witness the delight of nature beings with a beautiful deva in their mountain homeland.

Some humans in every century possess gifts that allow them to tune in to heavenly concerts. One of these gifted humans attuned to the higher spheres was composer César Franck who received great inspiration for the music he brought to earth that clearly reflects Angel messages. His deeply sacred Panis Angelicus brings to those who are able to see color through sound a true Christ-blue and a beautiful lavender. These colors weave in and out, never losing their own individual identity and having the effect of spiritualization upon us. Panis Angelicus brings to us the music of the Angels Serving our Lord Christ, such as Angels of Adoration, Song, Prayer, Healing and Angels of the Christ Presence.

What channels such musical masterpieces is the sixth sense of a composer who is sufficiently awakened to capture the strains of the Music of the Spheres. It is said by mystics that planets, stars and galaxies move in rhythm with the Music of the Spheres. Some composers tuning in to this glorious music will receive intimations of the work of the Angels of Destiny, who work directly with humans, including the exceedingly beautiful Angels of Birth and Angels of Death or Transition. Possessing unspeakable beauty and outshining love, Angels of Death administer an electrical force that severs the inner bodies from the physical form when the time comes for our incarnation to end. They so lovingly welcome each one of us to the long forgotten dimension of existence that is our true Homeland.

Death and Transfiguration, by Richard Strauss, was one of Flower's favorite musical pieces. She first heard this music when she was a young woman at the moment her grandmother was released from life. She did not recognize the melody until later when she was present at the deaths of others and realized that it accompanies us at the time of our transition to the higher worlds.

audioListen to Flower as she describes how clearly Strauss's music captures what takes place at death.

quoteWere we spiritually awake we should observe the verdure of the earth peopled by beings, exquisitely small and dainty, moving in harmony with the soft, diffused music of the heavens.
Flower A. Newhouse

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New Book Releases!

Collected Works, Vol. II

The Armor of the Spiritual Life

The Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse, Volume II (Esoteric Teachings) has been released in hardback and digital eBook formats!

The Armor of the Spiritual Life by Flower A. Newhouse has been released in paperback and digital eBook formats!

Michaelmas Retreat 2014

Michaelmas 2014SEPTEMBER 26-28: Join us for a wonderful experience in the coming Celebration of the Angels! Michaelmas will offer the opportunity to explore the ways Guardian Angels work with humans to help them manifest their highest potential through each of the seven Rays.

Event Sep 26 7:30pm: A dramatization,Seven Paths Upward, will feature music, words and dance.

Event Sep 27 9am-5pm: A day of personal attunement to the Angels including nature walks, journaling, meditation, mandala-making and sharing of experiences

Speaker Sep 28 10:45am: Church service with three sharings on Angels:
Overview of Angels Rev. Lucy Wold
The Angels of Questhaven Rev. Elizabeth Wood
Attuning to the Angels Rev. Miara Wiltshire

Retreat FlyerMichaelmas 2014 Flyer
Retreat NewsMichaelmas 2014 Newsletter

Sunday Program

Church of the Holy QuestSUNDAY SERVICES are held weekly at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest. Services include music, choir, meditation, prayer, and an inpiring message.

Podcast Listen to Podcasts of past Sunday talks.

Speaker Sep 7 The Invention of Wings–Fulfilling Our Spiritual Awakenings
Merrily Boult

Speaker Sep 14 Reverence–Virtue of the Awakened Soul
Rev. Jonathan Wiltshire

Speaker Sep 21 Improving Our Relationships
Rev. Hal Lingerman

Speaker Sep 26-28 Michaelmas Retreat
See details above

Speaker Oct 5 Becoming a Better Helpmate
Rev. Blake Isaac

Speaker Oct 12 Joy and Creativity
Rev. Hal Lingerman

Speaker Oct 19 Decent and Return: Cycle of the Monad
Rev. Jonathan Wiltshire

Annual Retreats

Holy FestivalsWEEKEND RETREATS are held annually to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Michaelmas, and the Vernal season. These 3-day retreats include devotional services and activities.

Retreat Apr 18-20, 2014 – Easter Retreat
Celebration of the Christ Resurrection
Retreat Jun 20-22, 2014 – Vernal Retreat
Celebration of Beauty, Arts and Nature
Retreat Sep 26-28, 2014 – Michaelmas Retreat
Celebration of the Angelic Kingdom
Retreat Dec 19-21, 2014 – Christmas Retreat
Celebration of the Christ Coming

Ongoing Activities

ActivitiesCLASSES are offered regularly on Christward principles, prayer, meditation, healing, and artistic expression.

Calendar View our Calendar for an up-to-date list of the Classes and Workshops currently being offered.

Event World Prayer takes place every Friday at noon in Chapelito. We invite you to join our prayer circle, linking with other "pray-ers" to form a beautiful chain of energy encircling the world, blessing and transforming world circumstances.

Class Wisdom Classes are held seasonally on alternating Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Chapelito for serious students. These devotional classes are dedicated to the path of mastery that all life is evolving upon. We draw insights, instruction and meditation from Those who have achieved evolution's goal of perfection.

Class Finding Your True North Classes are held seasonally on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. in the Academy. Classes include lessons, meditation, and prayer to support our mysticial journey with Christ. Original lessons are available on meditation.

Clinic Pranic Healing Clinics are conducted on the first Sunday of every month at 1:00 p.m. in the Questahven Academy. Learn more at pranichealingsd.com.

Event PanEuRhythmy is danced on most early mornings near the Labyrinth. This dance-exercise-meditation opens us to the presence and power of Spirit within ourselves and the universe. Learn more at paneurhythmy.us.

Event Servers in Action Days are held on the first Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. until noon, when lunch is served. This is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and service.


Questhaven and Questhaven Retreat are owned and operated by
the Christward Ministry, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Any amount you spend or give in love helps preserve the nature, heritage and expression of Questhaven. We have operated in this way as a nonprofit with no membership since 1940.